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In Media by Dan

An experienced business owner knows that change is something that is inevitable and ongoing.  As soon as you think that you have figured out the formula for success, something that is out of your control changes, forcing you to quickly adapt to keep your business growing. 

With this in mind, I would like to describe a situation that I’ve been hearing more often these days from business owners who are experienced masters at their trade.  I receive a lot of feedback from clients with regards to how their businesses are performing and I’ve come to notice that there is a pattern that has been developing. 

Like in any marketplace, new companies enter with the intention to grow and eat up some market-share for themselves.  This is normal in a free market economy.  It used to be that the natural evolution of starting a business was a long process.  Someone would need to go to school and learn a trade.  Then they would need to dedicate years apprenticing and learning their craft before becoming an expert.  Once they’ve become an expert in their field the next evolutionary step would then be to open a business.

However, in today’s marketplace the bar to entry is much lower than ever before.  The internet has changed the way in which consumers find companies that they want to do business with.  It takes seconds to open an internet browser, search for a service or product and pick which company looks best online.  The younger generation has figured out this equation and the feedback that I’m hearing is that experienced business owners are feeling the repercussions in two distinct ways.

The first way is that younger entrepreneurs are servicing more clients than they can handle and making business mistakes that come from lack of experience.  Once a job has been botched by lack of experience the only option the client is left with is to call the experienced business owner who knows how to repair the mistakes that were made by the under-qualified entrepreneur.

The second repercussion is that the younger generation is good and getting the business from the internet but can’t fulfill all of the demands, so they become efficient at outsourcing the job to experienced workers with a nice markup in price.  They’ve basically turned their business operations into a lead generating company.

Both of these situations do not help the more experienced business owner who has been mastering their crafts over a lifetime.  RankWorks recently received a call from a professional roofing company that has been in business for 20 years and this is exactly what the business owner told us: “I know exactly how you guys work.  You build business websites and marketing plans for the younger guys to take my business away.  I want you to do the same for me.”  We agreed on a plan and two weeks later his website was live and he was running ads on Google.  He landed his first job from his new website only a few days after we launched it and he couldn’t be happier with the way his business is being transformed.  

If you’re an entrepreneur who would like to take advantage of the new digital marketplace then RankWorks would like to help you with achieving your online goals.  We have digital marketing experts ready to assist with getting your business found online and exactly where your next clients are looking for you.  

RankWorks is an award winning digital marketing agency and a leader in online advertising and business website design.   We have a team of talented marketing experts who will work hard at building your brand online.  RankWorks created the WaaS program to help small business owners acquire the right tools to build their online presence and secure new clients from the internet.

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