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Is Your Business Ready For The Revolution?

In case you haven’t heard, the next generation of cellular network technology is currently being deployed.  It’s only a matter of time before everything you interact with on a daily basis will be connected to the 5G network.  So, what does this mean for you?  Simply put, every single technology device around you is going to communicate with many other connected devices all at once and at lightning fast speed. 

Sounds crazy?  Well it’s the future and the future is going to radically change the way we do business.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.  With the deployment of 5G network connectivity, anything with a UID and belonging to the IoT ecosystem will be able to send and receive data in less than an instant.  Never before has this been possible and with this invent the possibilities are endless.

Let’s also consider that quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are also making huge strides in technological advancements.  It’s only a matter of time before these technologies get widely deployed over the 5G network as well.  This will create a future where the speed and response time to the way that we do business will be quicker in every imaginable aspect.

Problem solving, decision making, actions, and transactions will occur at a pace that is hard to fathom.  Many industries have been working and evolving towards this future reality for a long time.  Self-driving automobile technology is on the brink of being accepted by the masses.  The grid has been built with the use of the global positioning system or GPS.  Given that everything with a UID on this grid, including people, are being located and tracked, then autonomous vehicles will be a safe and reliable mode of transportation.  If there is a sudden incident that could lead to an accident, systems will be able to communicate with each other on the grid in an instant and recalculate to avoid any disastrous outcomes.  The automobile’s reaction to any unforeseen anomaly on the road will be faster than any human reflex could respond.  Furthermore, the automobile’s reaction to avoid an accident will calculate a vast amount of data being transmitted through GPS to decide the safest and most efficient action to take.  A human could not make the same calculations in split second time that would result in a safe outcome. 

Working with GPS technology and adding a new layer to create a three-dimensional (3D) grid model, flying drone technology will make a huge leap in technical performance.  The ability for drone devices to communicate over a 5G network with other devices on the grid to avoid collisions will allow for safer, faster, and more complicated air navigation.  This will have a huge beneficial impact for many industries such as security and safety, first response and rescue, infrastructure monitoring, mapping and surveying, farming and agriculture, and an abundance of many other industries. 

Any service or product with video applications will be radically upgraded.  Video that is transmitted over 5G will be a thousand times faster than our current 4G speed.  With speeds that can potentially exceed 10Gbps, an entire HD movie can be downloaded in less than a second.  Faster online video streaming and download time will create new opportunities for media, virtual reality, advertising, and content development businesses to medical and science industry applications.  Doctors will be able to perform advanced lifesaving surgeries from remote locations with perfect seamless real-time video streaming.  This will open up a whole new industry in the medical field from diagnosis to advance treatment and recovery methods.  

Bottom line, how will 5G affect your business operations?  The answer is that your business will be affected in every way in operates.  Weather your company is service or product oriented, the way in which the public discovers your business, receives product and service information, places orders, and transmits payment information will all be conducted over 5G.  The speed of information and data that will be transmitted will allow for faster fulfillment and delivery, smarter allocation of resources and materials, more efficient problem solving to arrive at the best solutions, real time communication between systems and employees, and smarter equipment devices that will transmit important job data.  All of this will enhance our daily lives and improve the ways in which we do business.  For a small to medium size business owner the playing field just got wider.   A website is not just a website anymore.  It will be the business’ central point of contact that will allow other IoT devices to communicate with it over a network that will pass information at a rate of speed that is faster than anything we’ve ever experienced.  A company’s web presence will define the ability of smart devices to connect and display its information over the network.  This will allow for greater delivery of information and an expanded reach.

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