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In Media by Dan

I get a lot of questions on how to grow a company and get it noticed on social media.  A lot of clients that we work with at RankWorks have difficulty building audiences through social media and therefore have turned to us for help.  Everyone thinks that using social media as a marketing tool is a simple task but then discover that it is very time consuming trying to build a following beyond a network of friends and family. 

I like to explain to clients that social media is a great method to expand a brand’s reach and generate new sales, but it needs to be done strategically.  Managing your company’s social media is not only time consuming but it also requires a strong plan.  And this is why a lot of business owners give up or neglect their company’s social media presence.

It’s important to understand that many buyers use social media to decide whether or not to work with a company.  This decision is primarily based on their social media public image, community of followers, and the amount of positive reviews that they received.  Using this reasoning, social media should be thought of as three different independent components.  Part marketing, part relationship management and part reputation management.   

Social media marketing is a very useful tool that allows companies to build an online audience and sell them goods and services.  By creating engaging content on social media, a brand has the ability to reach a large population of potential clients online.  When managing a company’s social media presence, relevant content should be posted regularly to increase a brands awareness and new promotions should be launched with the intention to attract new followers who will engage.  Social growth and increased follower engagement will translate into more lead generation and an increase in sales. 

Social media management is a long-term process that requires relationship building when growing a community of engaged followers.  Once a follower is engaged, answering questions and providing feedback is an important component to building trust with a brand.  A lot of sales opportunities are generated while answering simple post questions on social media platforms.  Even though, you are responding to a single post from an engaged potential buyer there could be hundreds or thousands of potential clients reading the posts and researching all the details. 

Social media is also a great tool to use for reputation awareness.  If your company has a great reputation for doing good work and delivering exactly what a client wants, then that should be displayed on social media to solidify the brand’s online image.  Having clients write testimonials on social media is a very strong strategy when attracting new followers and growing sales.  When people are searching for a company to do business with, they will often check for “social proof”.  There is no better “social proof” than a list of good client reviews on multiple social media platforms. 

RankWorks has the expertise for getting your company the right social media strategy to manage your brand’s growth on popular social media platforms.  Our SocialNET program was developed to help business owners that are too busy or want the ease of mind with having experienced dedicated social media experts managing their online social presence.  Implementing the correct social media strategy for your business means happier customers and better word of mouth.  For more information please visit: