Google Lens Will Allow You to Search What You See

In Media by Dan

Learn how new AR technology can help grow your business.

For the first time we will get an understanding on how Augmented Reality (AR) will change our daily lives.  Google Lens and The New York Times will be working together to show readers the story behind the story with each week’s new print edition.  This technology will bring the cover and pages to life and provide deeper context into the topics that you care about.  The way that this technology will work is easy.  By simply opening the app on your cellphone and pointing the camera at the printed pages an abundance of additional digital content will be unlocked.

With Google’s AR app, called Google Lens, users can hover over the magazine and experience audio, video, and even animated content.  This will essentially merge two different media forms that have, since now, been traditionally at odds with each other.  Since the creation of the internet, digital media has disrupted the old traditional print media.  Now we are seeing a revolution on how both media forms can be joined and work together to bring new forms of content to the reader.

Think of the all the new opportunities this will create for businesses who are smart enough to embrace this new tech.  A big advantage will be the ability to shop what you see.  Google explains that if you like a piece of furniture of pair of shoes all you need to do is Lens it to learn more and discover similar styles.  Obviously, this will integrate with the Google Ads platform and allow advertisers the ability to make their products available to Google Lens users.  As the Google Lens user base grows, this new ecosystem will provide third party companies the ability to create products and services suited to the AR market.  The opportunities to profit from AR could be endless.

How does this help your business?  If you have a business that depends on a website to attract new clients, then you must take into consideration that technology is always evolving and the investment that you make today might be obsolete in a few years.  This is the reason why RankWorks developed it’s WaaS program.  The goal is to help entrepreneurs invest in the tools that they need today but will also evolve with changes in technology so that the value in the investment remains for many years down the road.  Therefore, when AR  becomes main-stream your website will be upgraded in order to adapt to this new technology.  WaaS is a monthly plan that covers the design, development, hosting, maintenance and periodic updates that every website needs. The best part of this program is that every two years, in order to remain current, RankWorks will redesign a brand new website for your business at no extra cost! That’s right! A brand new website every two years for free! Just as Microsoft moved their core products to Office 365, and Adobe to Creative Cloud, we’re revolutionizing brand placement on search engines.

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