Print is Dead, enter digital media, survival will be for the fittest

In Media by RankWorks

There were days when reading a newspaper or a magazine was the in thing. People waited for morning delivery of the newspapers and arrival of their magazine subscription with bated breath. The urge to know what was in the magazine and newspaper made people quickly flip the pages looking for interesting stories and pictures, to view and share the stories with their friends, and make sure they were the first among the peers.

That was the world of print media, where advertisements were part of the package that attracted readers to buy papers and magazines with an aim to learn what was currently trending.It was not hard to find magazine or newspaper cutting pinned on the wall, to remind the reader of the things they need to have. Print advertising was such a powerful tool; it reached millions and generated the kind for results that were unimaginable. Entry of the internet and online advertising spelled doom to this form of advertising. The readership of magazines and newspapers started declining. People were no longer buying papers or subscribing to hard copies
of magazines. Enter the era of digital papers and magazines and websites, a period when people could get all the news and features online, direct from a website.

Print advertising is no longer an effective way to reach customers, as more people are relying on alternative means to get their news and learn about products which exist in the market. Customers are now relying on websites to get their news, read a whole magazine and also search for the products which they need. To get the best out of this shift businesses need to position themselves in a manner that customers will find their websites and products easily. With millions of websites and a host of businesses providing similar products and services, sometimes being among the top results in an online search can be a herculean task.

A business needs to use strategies that will make their websites easier to find on the web, engaging and compelling. Content creation is an important aspect of page ranking in any search engine. If the
content is relevant, engaging and useful to the customers the search engine will give it priority. Website owners need to create content that will rank them high in searches. We all would have said long live print!, however technological advancements have caught up with us, we are now in a digital era where millions of websites are competing for customers’ attention. To get it a business needs to play it smart. Rank Works has what it takes to give a business a competitive edge, and be among the top ranking search results.