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Invest in your business’ internet presence.

Imagine if someone told you ten years ago that space-tourism would be a real thing in our lifetime.  Would you think that person was crazy and out of their mind or would you possibly think that they are a visionary? 

Virgin Galactic and Under Armour
Virgin Galactic and Under Armour

Sir Richard Branson, self-made billionaire, founder of Virgin Galactic, and adventurer, has announced a partnership with apparel manufacturer Under Armour to create the next generation spacewear and astronaut performance program.  Branson has been focusing much of his attention on his space-tourism venture and working at developing a suborbital spaceplane that will take paying customers into space.  When you think about it, there are many successful entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Yuri Milner, Robert Bigelow, Paul Allen (recently deceased), James Cameron, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and Naveen Jain, focusing their energies on conquering the next frontier.  There appears to be a race among the super-rich to get off this planet and in the process make a huge profit doing it.  Therefore, we shouldn’t discount the market value of space exploration because all that it takes is for one company to successfully mine an asteroid composed of rare earth elements and transport it back to our planet.

As entrepreneurs and business-people we should watch this space-race, all be it from the sidelines, with some interest.  Not because we might be monetarily invested as shareholders in some of these companies but because of the way these companies are using the internet as a media platform to expand their brand’s reach and popularity among the public.  It’s no coincidence that both traditional and non-traditional media is covering these brand’s stories and it is very interesting how Virgin Galactic and Under Armour are using their partnership to do great things while creating brand awareness.

These wealthy individuals are all entrepreneurs and brand owners.  Each one of them invest heavily into their company’s brand because their brands are extensions of who they are.  Therefore, we can argue that it’s a competition to build the biggest or largest company brand by gaining the most media attention but it’s also a fierce competition that feeds their personal egos.  Like any business owner they all want to win.  Being the most successful business owner means being the best at what they do. and positioning their businesses to be the number one brand in its industry. 

Perception is everything and the internet allows every company, large or small, to tell its story and explain why it’s the best at what it sets out to accomplish.  The best way to tell a brand’s story is by building a modern website with all the social media links and plugins.  Business owners should focus on using YouTube as a media component to host videos that act as informational ads and commercials.  The next step would be to share that content to every social media platform on the internet to create a following.  The larger the following the greater the reach a brand has to interact with the public.  This will add value to any business looking to gain market dominance.

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