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We spend a good amount of effort explaining to entrepreneurs how to use the internet to grow their brands and create successful sales funnels for their business.  With this in mind, I want to recount a recent holiday story about how a great internet marketing campaign went viral and created a buzz online.  This holiday shopping season Peloton, the maker of the high-end exercise bicycle, created a 30 second TV ad where a husband gifts his wife the popular exercise bike.  In all accounts this should have been one of those TV ads that developed some brand attention, increased holiday sales, and would have been forgotten about a few months later.  Instead the commercial was parodied by comedians and criticized all over the internet for being, according to The New York Times, sexist and dystopian. 

Peloton – The Gift That Gives Back

There is an old adage that any kind of publicity, good or bad, is good publicity.  However, in this case having a high-end exercise brand labeled as sexist because a skinny wife should not have had an exercise bike gifted to them by a judgmental husband is a bit of an over-reaction in my opinion.  However, the Peloton marketing department should have taken precautions and tested the ad with a sample group before going nation-wide with it on TV.

The bright side to this story is that this Peloton holiday ad has become a money maker for a different brand.  Back on January 14th, 2019 we wrote about Ryan Reynolds’ successful strategy for using the internet as a cost-effective marketing platform to reach millions of consumers.  His online video ads are hilarious and very well executed.  He recently picked up on the Peloton controversy and created his own follow-up ad for his Aviation gin company using the same actress, Monica Ruiz, who plays the role of the Peloton wife.  In Reynolds online ad, the Peloton wife is sitting at a bar with her close friends. She is seemingly distraught about her judgmental husband and the online backlash she’s received from her social media posts of her exercise routine.  Her friends reassure her that nobody will judge her now, as she downs a martini glass of Aviation gin.

Aviation Gin – The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back

On December 6th, 2019 Reynolds tweeted out the follow-up online Aviation gin holiday ad called “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back” with the tag line “Exercise bike not included” and then the internet blew up.  The internet ad went viral very quickly with thousands or retweets and millions of YouTube views.  The Aviation gin follow-up ad and title was a deliberate jab at Peloton’s holiday commercial which is titled “The Gift That Gives Back”.   The reaction to Reynolds’ satire internet video ad was remarkable.  People are calling Reynolds a marketing genius and a brilliant entrepreneur.

If there is one thing that we can take away from this holiday story is that the internet is a free gift to every business owner.  It should be used as a valuable marketing tool to increase your business’ brand and spread your corporate message to the world.  You don’t need to be a Ryan Reynolds to capitalize on the power of the internet.  You just need to have the savvy wherewithal to apply internet marketing techniques to your business and if you need help with that, RankWorks is the best internet marketing agency that is ready to assist.

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