Has Your Business Evolved Into The Online Digital World?

In Media by Dan

As society evolves, people adopt and use new and emerging technologies. This influences the way in which we interact with each other and how we do business.  It is imperative for business owners to adapt to these technological changes and ensure that the services and products they sell and deliver responds effectively to their target market.   Making the fullest possible use of the opportunities that new technologies offer will help business owners provide the services and products that customers want to engage with.  More importantly, new advances in internet technology has the potential to make the delivery of these services and products more efficient and cost effective.

A good example of how new internet technologies have disrupted an industry is in traditional print media advertising.  A short while ago restaurants needed to distribute thousands of flyers and blanket every single resident in a neighborhood in order to drive customers to their business location.  Today, this is no longer the case.  Restaurants were one of the first industries to leverage the power on the internet and effectively drive online visitors to social media platforms that are built to engage audiences, which in turn, funnel visitors to a restaurant’s website.  The application of this internet technology provided a unique opportunity for restaurants to engage with their customers and provide them with important information such as menu items, prices, pictures, locations, reviews, and contact information.  In essence, the internet provided a more efficient and cost-effective way to increase their brand awareness and not to mention, it is an environmentally friendlier option compared to blanketing a neighborhood in paper flyers.

Over the past two years McDonald’s restaurant (NYSE: MCD) has aggressively been working on their technology strategy to help the company improve sales while offering its customers a unique ordering experience.  What it has called the “Experience of The Future”, restaurants will have self-serve kiosks and table service.  It is also leveraging the internet, web application technology, and smart phone technology to launch its mobile ordering and payment system.  This web based technology system is continually expanding and McDonald’s is mining the data captured with this platform to be applied in personalized targeted online marketing campaigns.  Basically, the system is learning what a customer likes and dislikes and adapting promotions that fit an individual customer’s tastes.  Combine this with its new partnership with UberEats that allows for home delivery via an online app, and you can see how McDonald’s is very successful at driving the average customer check higher. 

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