Ryan Reynolds’ Funny New Ad For an Aviation Gin

In Media by Dan

Written by: Dan Alper

Ryan Reynolds’ new commercial for his gin line is a master piece.  He is using his classic Deadpool character’s unwavering sarcastic sense of humor to market Aviation Gin. 

With over 1.3 million YouTube views in less than a month, the ad is going viral and becoming a hit on social media.  In other words, its LIT.

With a straight face the ad begins with Reynolds jokingly describing the process involved in creating the world’s best Gin.  Distillers start their day with four hours of sunrise meditation before hydrating the mix of fruits using a very special liquid.  “The citrus fruits are misted using only the tears of Aviation’s owner: me, Ryan Reynolds.”

Assuring botanical rights activists, if they even exist in our progressive utopian world, that all of the gin’s botanicals are grown in humane, “cage-free” conditions.  Reynolds explains that unfortunately, for the juniper berries, their pungent flavor must literally be beaten out of them to produce the spirit’s smooth, refined taste.

The process continues with bottles being blessed by a Unitarian pastor and serenaded by fellow Canadian musician Sarah McLachlan before being shipped.

Reynolds concludes that “Some might call this overkill.  But the next time you murder a silky-smooth Aviation martini…. well, who’s the killer now, asshole?”

The success of this ad is dependent on a few factors.  It has all the elements that a well thought out TV ad has, including a captivating story line, humor, and the endorsement of a famous celebrity.  However, what really makes this ad stand out is that it was created for the internet and pokes fun of traditional marketing methods by using a curse word at the end.  You can’t say that on TV but in the internet world everything is fair game.  Especially when trying to achieve a high level of viral activity and reach.  The truth is that the 1.3 million views didn’t cost Reynolds a penny in advertising and proves that online marketing is fast becoming the norm for brands. If you’re looking for exciting new ways to market your company online, speak to one of our professional internet experts at RankWorks.  We have creative solutions to drive online sales that are tailored to fit your business.