The Big Internet Shift For Retailers

In Media by Dan

How the large brick and mortar retailers are changing their strategy and moving traditional retail models and services online.

Written by:  Dan Alper

It took many years for the internet to mature.  Those of you who remember the threat of Y2K and the burst of the internet bubble in the early 2000’s can also probably remember how big a deal it was when the Sears catalogue showed up in your home’s mailbox.

Well, the times have changed, and Sears is preparing to be killed off and liquidated while Amazon is revolutionizing the way in which consumers make daily purchases.  However, the biggest brick and mortar retailer Walmart, is positioning itself to not only take on Amazon but to win big at the ever-growing online retail landscape.  Walmart’s shift in strategy is not only necessary for it to survive in an economy that will one day be driven by Millennials but revolutionary in that it intends to be an ever-present force where it’s future customer base is comparing pricing and making purchases online.  It’s all about growing an online presence and servicing each client through its e-commerce platform that is supported by its vast network of brick and mortar stores which will act as pickup stations.  This all seems logical in today’s retail landscape, but many retailers have failed at transforming their business model to online shopping. 

This is why I was and still am blown away when I first saw how powerful the new Walmart video campaign on Youtube is.  Walmart created a one minute and thirty second online commercial that includes so many iconic Hollywood cars that will spark an intense interest from Generation X to Millennials.  Walmart is being very strategic on how it rolls out its online strategy.  It is working at targeting the grocery category because it’s logical to assume everyone needs food to survive and Walmart has demonstrated huge success when it initially introduced this category back in 1988 to its brick and mortar stores.  According to Business Insider, Walmart became the biggest supermarket in the US in 2010 with $188.3 billion in sales.  Now it’s going to parlay that success into the online industry and if I was a betting person, I would not bet against Walmart becoming the largest online supermarket.

As an industry insider and employee of a very successful online marketing company called RankWorks, I can not stress enough how important it is to have an online presence.  Dealing with thousands of small to medium size companies looking to grow their businesses online is a challenging task.  Therefore, when clients want answers on how to build their online strategy, I explain that it’s a bunch of mundane small tasks that are done every day that over months and years builds a company’s online footprint.

Our talented team is diligent at making sure our clients will show up in Google search results for relevant keywords that are queried in their local markets. Google has the power to make or break businesses and it is imperative appear in a prominent position in search results because that is the first place a potential client will look for a service or product.  Combine that with a social media and a good influencer marketing strategy any small business can build an effective digital footprint online. Here is the much anticipated Walmart video. Let me know what you think.  I also love how simple and effective their tag line is :  Get your groceries without leaving your car. Order online. Pick up free. Save Money. Live Better.