What is a website landing page and why does my business need one?

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As a business owner, you may have come across the term “landing page.” If you don’t yet have a website and dismissed the term as digital marketing jargon, it’s time for a second look!

Landing pages can help you convert website visitors into paying customers. They also make a great starting point for businesses that don’t necessarily feel they need a more elaborate website to start with.

Landing pages are easy-to-access web pages designed to help prospective customers find information about a particular service or product you may be offering.

Landing pages often feature a way to immediately engage a potential customer in obtaining additional information and encourage the viewer to take action be it calling your business, filling out a contact form, or leading to an online purchase.

For example, a landing page’s focus may be to get people call for an appointment for a free estimate for your services.

For small business owners, landing pages should be an essential part of your overall marketing mix because they shorten the time it takes for a customer to access information about your business. If you already have a website, rather than sending your prospective customers on an inefficient hunt for information all over your website, a landing page serves up the right information at the right time for customers without a lot of time to waste. If your business still hasn’t taken the first step towards establishing an online presence, then a simple landing page can be a cost effective way to feel out how beneficial developing that presence will be!

For a small business owner who wears a lot of hats and juggles many tasks in a given day, landing pages can save a lot of time, providing customers with the information they’re searching for on their own terms and their own time.

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