Creating Brand Awareness with Programmatic Advertising

In Media by Dan

In 2007 the online advertising landscape changed with the introduction of Programmatic Advertising.  This allowed advertisers the ability to place their ads in front of the right audiences at the cheapest price.  It was also able to maximize the delivery of ads to online sources that delivered the best click through rates (CTR) and conversions.  It eliminated the role of the media buyer who had the job of manually creating insertion orders which was a requirement needed to place ads on specific websites or web pages that delivered conversion results.  By automating the online ad industry, computer algorithms and AI made media placements more efficient for both the advertiser and the publisher. 

The programmatic trend in the online ad industry is all about automation.  The reason why industries get automated is to free up human power to focus on more important tasks.  I’m using the online advertising industry as an example of automation because when I started out 20 years ago, when this industry was in its infancy, we were always looking for easier and more effective ways to reach the correct audience with the most relative ads.  With this in mind, automating ad placements and delivery helped ad agencies focus on the big picture which is converting ads into paying customers. 

Fast forward to 2019 and new online mediums using programmatic advertising have evolved to help brands establish connections with their audiences.  Direct to consumer marketing (DTC) is now the new norm and companies need to understand how to effectively spend their online ad budgets to produce the highest return on investment with their advertising spend. 

Building brand awareness online can be done effectively using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat.  Successful brand building is a lot like telling a story about yourself to a bunch of strangers with the purpose of developing a connection that will grow into a relationship.  Therefore, creating an inspiring story about your brand that offers a unique experience to an audience will produce meaningful interactions based on emotions.  Your ads will essentially create awareness, trust, and human understanding between your company and consumers.  Once you discover the best converting audience that interacts with your ads then automating the process is the next step. 

Using complex algorithms combined with AI, Facebook and Google both provide options to apply behavioral targeting, profile targeting and look alike audience targeting to expand the reach of your brand’s ads.  When your ad is served out and a CTR is established, retargeting website visitors is the next step in creating brand awareness.  In essence, programmatic ad serving technology will display your ads to your audience in many more places that they visit when surfing the internet.  This will create more opportunities to interact with that audience and will develop stronger brand awareness across multiple online platforms.  Having an array of different ad creatives that are served out to a unique audience member is essential to converting that member into a paying client.  The programmatic automation of this ad delivery and targeting process will help spread your company’s brand awareness across an expanding online audience.  This is an effective strategy to grow your business on the internet by leveraging programmatic advertising and generating new revenue streams. 

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