Did you know that Keanu Reeves is a small business owner?

In Media by Dan

Keanu Reeves is taking his motorcycle dreams to new heights and is using the internet to give consumers insight into his passion for business.

In 2007 Keanu met a custom bike builder named Gard Hollinger and based on their mutual passion for motorcycles, they founded a business in 2011 called ARCH Motorcycle Company. 

Celebrity status aside, Keanu and his partner Gard are designing and manufacturing great looking American made motorcycles.  What is really interesting from a business owner’s perspective is how they are using the internet to tell their story and market their products. 

Every business’ existence is dependent upon sales to generate revenue and profits.  If a business doesn’t have a marketing and sales strategy in place, then it’s bound to fail.  The best and most often overlooked method to grow sales for a business is through the internet.  Online search, social media, and a video publishing platform is everything a business needs to help build its brand.  ARCH is using this strategy to tell their story and provide the public with behind-the-scenes access to its manufacturing process.  It unveils the curtain and shows all the intricacies involved in making their vision and brand of motorcycles successful.  The use of YouTube, as a video publishing tool, allows business owners to communicate with consumers and consumers have the ability to decide weather the product speaks to them. 

An online marketing strategy should begin with a modern business website with call to actions.  A proper website design should include approved search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to build a strong organic Google ranking.  It is a fact that 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information and that 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.  What this means is that if your business can’t be found on Google using a mobile device, you’re losing out on a tremendous amount of business opportunities.  What’s even worse is that those business opportunities are landing on your competitions’ websites and driving their sales growth.

RankWorks has developed a program for small to medium size businesses called “Website as a Service (WaaS)”.  The purpose is this program is to provide everything a business needs to get and keep a professional web presence.  WaaS is a monthly plan that covers the design, development, hosting, maintenance and periodic updates that every website needs.  The best feature of this plan is that every 24 months your website is redesigned at NO additional cost.  Everything is included in your monthly maintenance plan!  This protects your original investment and ensures this is the last website you’ll ever need to pay for.  Just as Microsoft moved their core products to Office 365, and Adobe to Creative Cloud, we’re revolutionizing brand placement on search engines.

For more information on how WaaS can help grow your business or to speak with one of our web specialists please contact us.