The Struggles of Being Number One on Google

In Media by Dan

RankWorks just recently had a case where a potential client reached out to us and explained that they are number one on Google’s search result pages for their top three converting keywords.  However, they weren’t generating the level of sales that should be expected from this position.  They were very concerned that the amount of money that they were spending on search engine optimization (SEO) was eating into their profits and the cost of this expense was too much every month to sustain their top position on Google. 

When marketing a business the ROI is a very important measurement that needs to be considered.  If the marketing budget exceeds the ROI then the business will eventually fail due to lack of cash flow.  Therefore, understanding the marketplace that a company is spending their marketing budget on is very important.  In this case this company was initially successful with their marketing efforts but over a short period of time they’ve had to increase their SEO spend to land new clients.  As we examined the competition in their local area on Google, we discovered that even though they were number one on Google, 3 out of the 4 top positioned companies were driving business to one company with a more modern website that was designed with mobile first coding structure.

This signaled to us that no matter how much this client spent on SEO they will never break even on their marketing ROI.  Visitors would land on their site and then compare their outdated website to their competitor’s modern website and the business would be lost.  To prove this, we did a comparison analysis and discovered that there was a drop in “time on site” and that the “bounce rate” was higher than average.  This means that visitors were leaving the website without completing a call to action such as clicking on the phone number to place a call or filling out a lead generation form.  Basically, this company was marketing an older and outdated website that was causing more harm to its bottom line and in turn, helping their competition grow.

RankWorks helped this client turn this situation around in a matter of three weeks.  With the Website as a Service program (WaaS), a new modern website was designed and launched very quickly to stop their budget being wasted on SEO for the outdated website.  RankWorks developed the WaaS program to specifically tackle this problem.  A SEO budget is more effective when it’s being spent on a modern website because it will cost a lot less to rank a modern website compared to an older one.  WaaS is a monthly plan that covers the design, development, hosting, maintenance and periodic updates that every website needs.  Every 24 months RankWorks will redesign your website at NO additional cost so that your web presence never gets outdated.  This protects your original investment and ensures this is the last website you’ll need to pay for.

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