The Added Benefits Of Designing A New Website

In Media by Dan

How A HVAC Company Used It’s Website To Spearhead Their Growth Strategy.

RankWorks built a new HVAC client a website that was badly needed to improve their online presence.  Before working with RankWorks, the last website they had paid for was designed in 2012 and was no longer an accurate picture of their business.  Moreover, their old website was doing a lot more damage than they had suspected.  This is because potential clients who researched HVAC companies online in their area and visited their website were immediately turned off when comparing it to the competition.  If a buyer is comparing a new website to an older website the sale will usually be won by the company that has invested in a modern online presence.

There are many good reasons to redesign an older website.  When a website is created, it is a picture of the business at that time.  However, as the business evolves over time, the website should reflect these changes.  Therefore, updates and refreshes to a company’s website should be an important aspect in the evolution of every business no matter the size of the organization.  Another important component to think of is that Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving with changes in technology and new advancements in design.   It is of crucial importance for a business to be found on the internet, so much so, that if a business doesn’t show up in Google’s search results then it’s going to miss out on a large amount of business opportunities. 

From conception to design the new HVAC company website was delivered in under 12 days and within 30 days from the launched website, the ranking on Google started to improve.  This led to an increase in phone calls and job quotes.  The company was successful at closing new opportunities and began to scale the size of their workforce to fulfill these new opportunities.  One of the added and unexpected benefits of launching a modernized website was that the company began receiving employee job applications from their competitors in the area.  The effect of this was that the HVAC company began to grow their staff with an experienced workforce that was already trained in their profession and allowed for a more efficient growth strategy.   The employees who had worked for the competition wanted to attach themselves to a rising star where there is opportunity and growth.  Attracting good talent is a powerful benefit for business owners looking to grow their business and provide exceptional service to their clients.  Therefore, a new modernized website sends out a message that this company understands the value of how to invest in itself and is willing to allocate resources to be the best in its industry.

RankWorks developed a program called Website as a Service (WaaS) specifically for small and medium size businesses to stay current with their web presence. WaaS is a monthly plan that covers the design, development, hosting, maintenance and periodic updates that every website needs. The best part of this program is that every two years, in order to remain current, RankWorks will redesign a brand new website for your business at no extra cost! That’s right! A brand new website every two years for free! Just as Microsoft moved their core products to Office 365, and Adobe to Creative Cloud, we’re revolutionizing brand placement on search engines.

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