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You all know about the electric car maker Tesla but have you heard about a Michigan based startup company called Rivian?

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Many of our clients are blue collar, hard-working, family oriented, small business owners.  They put in many hours a week on the road going to multiple job sites and servicing clients away from the office.  When asked what they spend their money on its pretty straight forward.  First, they invest in their business to make sure it keeps on making money and second, it’s their family.  The largest expenses that the majority of business owners are dealing with, apart from office rent and employee salaries, are their automobile and gas bills.  Depending on the size of the business this expense was adding up to thousands a year.  For many business owners cutting down on the amount of money spent on transportation would mean a great deal in yearly savings.

When I first heard about this small electric automobile company from Michigan that was building a pickup truck that is capable at getting the job done at work and then would act as the perfect adventure vehicle for the weekends, I was interested to say the least.  A lot of us use the pickup truck as a work horse during the week and then make the switch to the wife’s fuel-efficient family car for tackling errands and driving to leisure activities on weekends.  Rivian has created a pickup truck that can carry 1,800 pounds of payload and has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds.  It can also go from zero to 60 miles an hour in a near three seconds if equipped with the large battery pack.  It is very capable of driving through more than three feet of water in case you live near a flood zone or anywhere that’s at risk for storm surges.  To me this sounds like both a vehicle for work and a fun toy for that weekend warrior that we all look forward to transforming into every Friday afternoon. 

This multi-purpose pickup truck is exactly what a lot of small business owners are looking for.  It makes perfect sense that companies like Amazon and Ford have both invested a substantial amount of money and funded the future growth of Rivian.  I’m a big believer in investing in cost effective tools that will get the job done and to own something that serves more than one purpose is an added benefit.  Apart from being eco-friendly, the truck is fully functional at everything that it was created to do and provides owners the ability to eliminate that awful gas bill that is usually responsible for eating away at company profits. 

RankWorks created the WaaS program to help small business owners acquire the right tools to build their online presence and secure new clients from the internet.  Like the Rivian pickup truck, WaaS serves multiple purposes that include online brand development, web design, organic search engine optimization, maintenance, and client acquisition.  What’s most interesting, when making the comparison with never having to pay for gas again, WaaS eliminates the costs associated with needing to pay for another website ever again for your business.  Google’s ranking algorithm penalizes older outdated websites and within two years those effects are working against your business’ online presence.  Therefore, the WaaS solution provides your business with a brand new re-designed website every two years, at no extra cost, so that it stays current and compliant with Google’s algorithm.  The benefits are substantial and cost effective. RankWorks WaaS provides all the cost saving tools to get the job done right and allowing your business to have the most modern web presence online.  Moreover, it will keep your business ahead of the competition and provide you with the necessary advantages to dominate your local market.

If you’re a small to medium size business owner who is looking for cost effective ways to grow your online presence, then look no further.  RankWorks, has a team of dedicated employees who are experts in areas such as website design, social media management, online advertising, search engine optimization, e-commerce integration, and payment processing to help expand your business online.

For more information on how RankWorks can help grow your business online please contact us for a free online business ranking analysis.

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