Would You Pay Over 5 million Dollars for a 30s Commercial Ad?

In Media by Dan

Every Business Needs A Voice.  Does Your Business have one?

Written by: Dan Alper

Before the cost of production and agency fees the cost to advertise for a 30 second spot in the Super Bowl game is over 5 million dollars.  The TV ratings for Super Bowl LIII were 100.7 million viewers for the game and the NFL made over 400 million dollars in ad revenue.  So, the important question to ask is if it is worth it for large brands to pay so much money to advertise during the big game.  The answer is “yes” and let me explain why.

With the costs being so high there is a lot of pressure for an ad to perform.  With TV, it is very difficult to measure the success of an ad.  Brand awareness counts for a lot but does a 30 second TV ad result in more sales, new clients, or an increase in user signups.  I’m sure that there is a spike in conversions as a result of the TV ad, but let’s not forget about how the internet plays a driving force behind the big dollar ad buys. 

YouTube is the largest online video platform and destination for video content.  Super Bowl advertisers in conjunction with the NFL are using cross platform targeting to engage online viewers with brands.  This makes a lot of sense considering that a study by Ipsos found that 80 percent of sports viewers switched back and forth between their TVs and smart internet devices while watching live sports.

YouTube has their own channel on their platform called YouTube AdBlitz that posts all of the 2019 big game ads and historical big game content from past Super Bowls.  Since 2007, the AdBlitz channel has garnered over 17 million views.   Therefore, we can conclude that Super Bowl advertisers are paying large sums of money to have their ads shown on TV during the big game but residual views keep playing for months and years later on. 

On top of the AdBlitz channel each company that advertises during the big game has their own YouTube channel that attracts its own audience and viewership to promote their brand.  A good example of this strategy is the iconic Jeep brand.  Jeep paid millions of dollars to air their 55 second Super Bowl ad to promote the new Gladiator Jeep Truck on TV during the game.  The ad for the Gladiator Truck has rached 1.6 million YouTube views online.  However, if you visit the Jeep YouTube channel, a 2 minute video titled – Jeep “Big Game Blitz” | OneRepublic | “More Than Just Words” – , auto-plays and has amassed over 45 million views in just 4 days.  If we break it down, the ad that was aired during the Super Bowl game potentially reached approximately 100 million TV viewers and 1.6 million YouTube viewers.  However, the “Big Game Blitz” video that is auto-played on the Jeep YouTube channel reached 45.5 million views.  That’s a total of 47 million online views on top of the TV viewership.  These are big numbers that Jeep achieved in a very short period of time and important analytics to consider for their new truck launch. 

The same YouTube strategy can be applied to small businesses.  Small business owners should put serious thought into their online presence.  Having a website where customers can find and research your business is the first step.  Internet marketing components, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts should be set up and worked properly to drive awareness and traffic.  With a small budget a lot can be accomplished online.  A large film production budget is not necessary in order to film an information video that introduces your company to the masses.  All you need is a cell phone camera and a script to give your company a voice.  After the video is published to your company’s YouTube channel it should be shared across all of the business’ social media accounts.  Any potential clients researching your business will have access to the video content.  The fun part is measuring the views that are generated by the video and finding out how many viewers are converted into paying customers. 

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