How Covid-19 Has Changed Our Spending Habits & Turned Us All Into Online Consumers

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When the news broke in December of 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic began to reach its highest levels in late March / early April of 2020, this was around the time 40% of consumers rated themselves as “Very Concerned 10/10” according to Numerator regarding the virus. Since then there has been a significant online shift that has sustained throughout the years, although we are slowly returning to a new normal, somehow we have managed normalized panic buying and online retail therapy. Consumers shopped online spending roughly $860 billion in total retail sales online within the U.S. in 2020, up exactly 44% from the previous year. This amount in e-commerce transactions probably wouldn’t have been reached until around 2022 if the Covid-19 crisis would not have happened.

How are we working towards meeting the expectations of our customers’ online shopping experiences in the e-commerce Covid landscape?

While big box retailers such as Amazon raking in nearly 200% in profit increases mainly from online sales thanks to consumers spending due to the easy and fast access of Prime shipping since the start of the pandemic. How have the small, family owned businesses and even department stores managed to stay afloat without a presence online during the same period? Many have partly shifted to curbside pick up or home delivery, which became increasingly popular amongst everyday necessities like food services, grocery shopping and even luxury goods across new online channels created to aid businesses during Covid-19. However it’s not always easy to keep up with the increasing demand when it comes to the long term nature of consumers and the practicality of online orders.

When physical stores are back to business as usual, the lasting effects of Covid-19 and e-commerce demand will still be at large when it comes to consumer spending, which has increased significantly when it comes to online purchases. Even before we were struck with this worldwide crisis, small businesses were already at a disadvantage trying to keep up and compete with e-commerce companies across the web gaining the most growth in online retail sales.

The customer experience mindset in online retail during the age of the Covid-19 crisis

As we continue our efforts in social distancing, the era of door to door solicitation is over and there has been a natural decline in brick-and-mortar stores. This has definitely given the global market a well needed push to move forward with becoming online sellers in order to be discovered by billions of internet users to boost their commerce sales and online transactions. Convenience is key, and remains as a primary factor of where and how consumers choose to spend their money.

Although the response to the Covid-19 crisis hasn’t been invariably felt across every age group, roughly 96% of the youngest generations like Millenials and Gen Z have been concerned about the pandemic and its effects on the economy, based on a survey done in the U.S. This has inevitably caused new purchasing habits more dramatically than other generations leading the way with being the most likely to do their commerce transactions online and even then – no matter the age, digital commerce has been an upward trend across every generation which is causing a fast paced digital transformation especially in the current environment we are living in.

It’s not about pushing consumers where you want them to be, it’s being readily capable of meeting them wherever they are.

All in all, being able to broaden your brand, extend a digital hand of convenience to your customers, and increase your outreach on sales channels with the help of digital marketing really isn’t as hard as some might believe it is. So the real question most businesses will ask themselves is, where do I get started? what kind of strategy is in my best interest? how do I kickstart e-commerce sales? Will brick-and-mortar shops soon be a place of the past? There really isn’t a better time than now to be asking yourself these questions when wanting to drive your online sales, and leaving it to a trusted team who can get you started with practically a push of a button.

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Did you know 93% of digital commerce journeys begin with a search engine?

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Your brand is an unfolding story towards your customers interests and needs within the retail sector

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There’s no better time than today to boost your online sales and retail products

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